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Product Matching

Because our clients’ needs come first we create the specific drum that meets each client’s product requirements.

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Product Development

Our research and development department adapts materials and processes to produce products that are cost efficient. Our drums undergo continuous testing to ensure they are leak free and of the highest quality.

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Technical Assistance and Support

Our quality assurance team monitor the drum production to ensure product quality and provide ongoing assistance and support onsite at your location to maintain our high standard of service and quality assurance.

About Mindanao Container Corporation

For 27 years Mindanao Container Corporation (MCC) has been the leader in the packaging industry in the Philippines. MCC is committed to exceeding customers’ expectations in quality, efficiency of delivery and communication, customer satisfaction and competitiveness in pricing.

Why go with MCC?

MCC is the leading steel drum manufacturer in the Philippines. For the last 27 years we have been committed to providing our clients with quality drums specific to their needs. We use only the highest quality imported raw materials for the making of our products. The cold rolled steel coils used to make the drum body, bottom-end and covers conforms to the worldwide accepted standards (JISG 3141 Class SPCC-SD). We utilize up to date technology to ensure the drums are manufactured to the highest standard of quality to guarantee customer satisfaction.


MCC Drums

Tight Head Drums

These 210 liter/55 gallon drums, with closed tops, are suitable for low viscous liquid products. With a non-removable cover, filling and extraction of contents is done through a 2” and ¾” closure which aids the pumping up and venting. A steel or plastic bung is used for the top cover.

Full Open Head Standard Drums

These 210 liter/55 gallon drums, with wide openings, are suitable for high viscous liquid products and substances that need stirring. The removable covers are fully secured and fastened by a rubber gasket and clamp-type or bolt -type lock ring which eliminates the need for closing tools.

Full Open Head Neck-In Drums

These 210 liter/55 gallon drums, with wide openings, are suitable for high viscous liquid products and substances that needs stirring.  These drums are suitable for optimizing space in a limited area because of the compressed diameter of its lock ring. The removable covers are secured and fastened with the use of a rubber gasket and clamp-type or bolt- type lock ring.  The opening is compressed making the lock ring vertically aligned with the drum body diameter.


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