These 210 liter/55 gallon drums, with wide openings, are suitable for high viscous liquid products and substances that needs stirring.  These drums are suitable for optimizing space in a limited area because of the compressed diameter of its lock ring. The removable covers are secured and fastened with the use of a rubber gasket and clamp-type or bolt- type lock ring.  The opening is compressed making the lock ring vertically aligned with the drum body diameter.

Drums are made out of cold rolled steel, gauge 20 to 21.  These drums come with a food grade and chemical resistant epoxy phenolic internal lining and external paint suitable for baking with various color options as per customer requirements.  (UN Certified Class Y & Z. )

These UN certified 1A2 steel drums with 210 liter nominal capacity are suitable for packaging and transporting of liquids (in an inner bag) and solid substances. The drums are well suited for container van transport. It is constructed with 0.8 to 1.2 millimeter thick cold rolled steel sheets.  The bottom plate is permanently attached through mechanical seaming to the cylindrical body.  The top plate can be removed as a lid and closed by means of a lock ring band. The drum body opening is rolled to a diameter value less than the seam rim diameter. The external surface is painted with industrial grade baking enamel while the interior surface is lined with food grade epoxy phenolic coating.

Product Details

  • Full Open Head Neck-In Drums

  • Physical:
  • Color:
    Emerald Green
    Jade Green
    Pure White
    Royal Blue
  • Thickness (in millimeter):

    Body Top Bottom
    21 20 21
  • Structure:
    Top cover is removable and are fully secured and fastened from it’s drum body with the use of a clamp-type or bolt-type galvanized lock ring. Mouth opening compressed making it’s lock ring vertically aligned with its total drum body diameter.
  • Lining:
    Food Grade
    Chemical Resistant
  • Functionality:
    Appropriate for filling goods with high viscosity, bigger width, and needs stirring.
    Suitable for optimizing space in a limited area from the compressed diameter of it’s lock ring.
    A 20 footer van can accommodate 100 pieces of standard drum.
  • Uses:
    Juice concentrate
    Fruit Chunks
    Fruit Puree
    Desiccated Coconut
  • UN Certification:
    Class X, Y, Z (selective)